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Frequently Added Question
Many People have asked these Questions.

We are educated people! I have a PHd, then why should we do pariharam ?

Education does not solve problems like marriage, child birth, career etc. these are energy question require remedies to clear the problems. Many problems in life cannot be solved intellectually.

We believe in god, do we have to do pariharam ?

Remedies are way to solve problem in the energy level. One can believe in god yet take medicine. “Tie the camel, trust in allah.” In the same way believe in god and do remedies to clear the energy blocks in your life

Advitha says “we are god, so why should we do pariharam ?

There are 3 schools of thought. Dvaita, adaviatha and visitha dvaitha. We live in duality so we require remedy. The day one lives in absolute truth one does not require remedy

Karma is meant to suffer” then why should we do pariharam?

Karma means un skillful action” just like wise Buddha says. Karma does not mean we are meant to suffer. It is wrong understanding on theory of karma.

This is Our Aim

To invokve the grace of god and miracle energy of god into the life of people through ritual and vedic rites as told by our rishis.