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Improvement of health using pariharam | unique techniques by shri k.b.gopalakrishnan

NAVARATRI REMEDIES | explained by shri k.b.gopalakrishnan

All the festivals in the india has been created during the nodal and transistion time. as per the indian vedic science the sun changes the chariot from uttarayana or upper path to dakshinaya or lower path. when the sun changes the path human mind is susceptible to upheavals, fears, doubts and confusion, to combat the negative influence, the hindu festivity after july 15th every year. when one does this festivities then that year will be positive for them.
Conceptualized for
  • People who are working
  • Who want to experience the maximum benefit of the festivity.
  • For indians who have settled away from their native and hometown.
    • We start the pooja in the good timing.
    • We call the clients for taking the sankalp
    • The abhisekam and pooja is done immediately after that.
    • The homam is conducted for the client well being. the client's name is added as the gayatri is chanted.
    • finally the video is sent to the client through whatsapp
    • If the client is interested they can watch the pooja either in skype or in IMO

This is Our Aim

To invokve the grace of god and miracle energy of god into the life of people through ritual and vedic rites as told by our rishis.