Pitru Dosha & It's Impact in your Life

The cells of our bodies contain the echoes of our ancestral family memories. When we please our Ancestors, there will be change in our cells echo.


Pitru Dosha leads to

unnatural deaths like suicides/accidents/murder or continuous loss of lives in a mysterious manner.


Curse Of The Pitrus

Lack of interest in Business/education/profession for family members even though they are qualified to do so.


Pitru Curse creates

heavy debts, difficulty to settle debts, poverty and financial inadequacy


Pitru Curse Leads To

Habitual Abortion,difficult to concieve and No children

mahalaya amavasya Homam Procedure

Many Temples or Priests in Rameshwaram, Gokarana or in Gaya-Kashi do not Know the exact procedure written by our Great rishis and they do not not how to send the pitrus to Moksha-Gadhi. But in Aadhesh Lakshmi Narayana Temple you can feel the massive difference of Peace in your Aura & Chakra passing through instantaneously while doing our Thila Homam.

  1.       1.    Lagu Punyavacahanam
  2.       2.    Ganapathi pooja
  3.       3.    Shiva Parvathi Pooja
  4.       4.    Ganapthi Homam
  5.       5.    Rudra homam for 3 Generation Pitru Varga on Both side To attain salvation
  6.       6.    Parvathi homam for 3 Generation Matru Varga on Both side To attain salvation
  7.       7.    28 hells homam for 3 generation Pitru And Matru Varga ancestors to attain Salvation
  8.       8.    Purna Ahuthi and Acharaya Blessings

Pricing- Ancestral Curse Removal Program

The havan will be done individually for you. It is Not A Group Process. In the Full Thila Homam 8 Priests will do Ritual. We dont do Ritual compromise or material Compromise Or priest Compromise. We Belive in the Purity Of the Tradition.

Ancestral Homam

₹ 16000

A Comprised Homam for your Ancestors
  • Homam for the late 3 Generation.
  • Homam for Other late Relatives.
  • Homam done with your name.
  • You can watch the full video online.

28 Hells Homam

₹ 16000

End to End Homam for Ancestors Trapped in 28 Hell.
  • Homam for all the late people in your Lineage, to get out of 28 Hells and rest in Heaven.
  • Homam done with your name.
  • You can watch the full video online.

Full Thila Homam

₹ 30000

Full Homam for your Ancestors + 28 Hells.
  • Homam for all the late people in your Lineage.
  • Homam for souls stuck in 28 hells.
  • Homam done with your name.
  • You can watch the full video online.

Want to Make your Ancestors Happy and Get THeir blessing. Whatsapp us For Pitru Paksha Homam

Our ancestors obtain a watery body and become PITRUS and also become the citizens of the kingdom Vaivasvata Aadi. There they will not be in a position to get the things they need for their very existence. Only under such circumstances they expect the assistance of their children.


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I was given the mahalaya paksha homam and it was one of the most powerful experiences I ever had. I didn't really understand the depth of my ancestral problems, but at the end of the homam, I could feel an innate sense of peace. Thank you so much!

Valli Nayaki

I had Booked for a Mahalaya Paksha Homam for my sister who was undergoing a difficult time in her life. The homam was successfully performed and it proved to be very effective. I am extremely pleased with the services offered by your organization and would like to sincerely thank you all for helping my family with such an auspicious service..


Thanks a lot for the Mahalaya Paksha. I got it just before the Mahalaya and had the opportunity to do it on time. Your explanation of the ritual was very clear and helped me to perform the rituals correctly. I will be doing it every year from now on. Thanks again.

Anata Narayanan

Pitru Paksha Homam

Our Ancestors represent our DNA. We character, conduction, emotional body, all our emotional, spiritual and mental challenges have the tinge of ancestors energy. When we heal ancestors we in turn heal ourselves. Do thila homam Ancestral lineage healing can be a deeply cathartic practice, opening you to grief, forgiveness, and emotional healing you may have been unable to generate through any other practice.DO THILA HOMAM

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