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Dhanvantari Homam for good health :

Dhanvantari homam is dedicated to the Indian God of medicine, Dhanavantri who is also the origin of the Indian form of medicine, Ayurveda. Dhanvantri pooja is to be done when a person is suffering from ill health and there is no option of getting well. When dhanvantari homam is done once in a year, there is an atmosphere of positive energy everywhere,thereby reducing ill effects on the health. Dhanvantari puja mantra is very powerful to clear health problems.

Deities Worshipped are

  • Maha Ganapathi

  • Dhanvantari

  • Mah Mrithyunjaya

  • Vaidhya Lakshmi

  • Hanuman

  • Navagrahas

  • Dhanvantari puja for health get rid of diseases & cure diseases

  • Get Discharged and return Home safely

  • Doing Dhanvantari Homam when you go forheart surgery will bring you speedy recovery

  • Avoid Unneccessarymedical emergency and expenses by doing Dhanvantari Homam

  • Dhanvantari Homam helps in Long life & good health

  • Worshipping Dhanvantari will clear any kind of health related issues

  • When Ashtalakshmi Homam is done, you can Clear Health issues like that of Uterus and sexual disorder

  • Dhanvantari homam procedure helps Speedy post recovery from surgery

  • Helpful in Diagnosis and to get correct guidance to in medical do Dhanvantari Homam.

  • To get discharged from hospital, make medicine more effective God Dhanvantari blessing is neccessary

  • Best to do Dhanvantari Homam to getuterus and sexual disorder solved

  • We are Unique from others

  • All the Homam ritual will start in the right Muhurtha to have maximum impact as time is the most important factor for success

  • For each Deity our priest will chant 108 ahurthis for each Devatha

  • in Our pooja and homam, the type of mantra chanting will focus the energy and pinpoint the flow of the energy for the person on whom the homam is done as we chant the name with nakshatra of the person in the mantra to bring in greater impact.

  • Dhanvantari homam cost 50% less than the market price

  • We do not perform group Pooja and Homam, Strictly do only individual

  • Proper Procedure - We chant 108 names of each God and chant your name in every Ahurthi without any compromise in any of the Pooja and homam

  • We organise and perform Pooja & Homam within 20 minutes from booking

  • You can watch dhanvantari pooja or dhanvantari homam either directly (Live) or will send you recording or you can come directly to attend the dhanvantari puja or dhanvantari homam at home
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  • Select your Dhanvantari Pooja or Dhanvantari homam

  • Make Payment and Send Screenshot to 89256 62492 / 98409 24789

  • Our Guruji will fix the Good Muhurta and iyer for dhanvantari homam will inform and Call you at the commencement of homam

  • Homam Procedure starts with Sankalpa, Pooja, Homam, Purnahuthi, Ashirwadham

  • Our Priest will give you feedback about the homam ritual

  • Dhanvantari homam price is best in cost include all puja materials

  • To book your dhanvantari homam Call or Whatsapp :

    +91 89256 62492

    +91 89256 62492

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