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Shatru Samhara Homam

Importance: This homam is done to quell all the enemies , evil eyes and blocks of life.


This very special homam is done for Aarumuga swami –the six faces of Lord Subramanya included with Lord sudarshanar and Narasimhar.

How Chatru samhara homam is done outside?Generally, chatru samhara homam is done using the Trishadi chant, and the Main vadyar sits in the middle and chants the Trishadi of lord subramanya while the other few vadyars do the archanai and the homam simultaneously.

How is the homam done in our center?

  • Step 1: Vinayaka pooja and the punyavachana is done
  • The main sankalpa is taken with the Name , nakshatra , Gotra and the rasi of the kartha{client} with the specifications of the chatrus and the blocks in life Aadhesh’s speciality is our sankalpa which is taken elaborately and precisely to the point
  • Step 3: the avahana is done for Aarumuga swami and the astothra pooja is done with 108 names for each swami
  • Step 4: The doopa , deepa, neivedhya is shown. The aarathi is shown
  • Step 5: The homam is starts with the 1st 108 ahurties for Lord ganesh for Karya sidhie to happen.
    Next Guru homam is done Followed by Rudra bali for the welfare of the world
    The main homam starts with 108 Ahurtie chant for each mukha, - a total of 1000 chants will be offered in the havan
  • Step 6: 4 vadyars will sit and chant in the homam. Our mantra is fully chanted with the name , nakshatra and the purpose in each chant.
    Example –

    Om vidmahe arudra nakshatra mithuna raso jathasya Mahesh nama daehasya sarvs Mitra shatru jaya ya dheemahi Tanno shanmuga prachodayat.

  • When done with hundred and eight ahuthis of each devata and and that of 6 faces of muruga you will feel the shoes downpour of miracle energy. This miracle energy will clear your chakras and your aura and which in turn will clear the enemies obstructions and disturbance in the physical reality

    How we are different from other priest and temple

    1) Shatru samhara homam is done with Murugan or shanmuga Gayathri not with trisathi

    2) All the priest will will chant

    3) For each devatha pooja will be done and 108 ahuthis will be offered in the homam

    4) The Gayatri which is used in the home will have the name of the karts for whom the ritual is performed.

    5) It will go like this

    Om vidmahe arudra nakshatra mithuna raso jathasya Mahesh nama daehasya sarvs Mitra shatru jaya ya dheemahi Tanno shanmuga prachodayat.

    In aadesh the homam can be performed in your home or if your outside the country or state you can watch the homam live through WhatsApp or Skype. We also send the video clippings of the homam while it is performed itself.

    Finally the prasadam can be couriered to any place within India outside India it is not possible because of logistic reasons.

    USP of Aadhesh

    Can organise Pooja and homam within one hour

    Organise rudram within one hour and executed within 8 hours

    Our Vision

    Execution of order

    Retention if cluents

    Anytime clients can do the Pooja

    No reusing of the materials

    Pooja done as told in the Vedas

    No running around

    One stop solution for your ritual needs


    Whatever money you give partially we do the dhana for the following issues



    Scarf medicine

    Water for school children