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SatyaNarayana Pooja

Importance: Satyanarayana pooja and the vrath is observed for lord mahavishnu on full moon day or pournami. The satyanarayana pooja procedure will be fasting or viratham followed by pooja for Lord Satyanarayana or Lord mahavishnu.


satya narayana is a form of Lord mahavishnu who symbolises truth amd inner love. Also HE brings in the fulfillment of the inner wishes of the all the people who dilligently partake pooja and vrath. Oberving the fast will bring in lot of growth because it is operate on the priniciple of LAW OF SACRIFICE.. When you want to acheive something you let go something which you like the most. So when you combine the vrath, pooja and prayers all the inner wishes gets fulfilled in a Fast manner.

How you will benefit by doing pooja at aadhesh ?

We take individual sankalpa for each person with their gotra , nakshatra and rasi with the purpose of Pooja for e.g., marriage dosham or child birth issues

All the package will include pooja, Homan and abhisekam

We use 7 items or dravya in the abhisekam

Sankalpam will be taken in your name, gothram and nakshatram

Pooja will be done individually for each and every person

Videos of pooja,homam and abhisekam will be send to you in whatsapp

Homam is our speciality where we tell the names of the clients

The cost is lesser than the temple and organised in the better way

USP of Aadhesh

Can organise Pooja and homam within one hour

Organise rudram within one hour and executed within 8 hours

Our Vision

Execution of order

Retention if cluents

Anytime clients can do the Pooja

No reusing of the materials

Pooja done as told in the Vedas

No running around

One stop solution for your ritual needs


Whatever money you give partially we do the dhana for the following issues



Scarf medicine

Water for school children