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Dhanavandtari homam

Importance: There are many questions pertaining to Dhanavandri homam


What is Dhanavandri homam ?
Who should do Dhanavandri homam. There are many questions pertaining to Dhanavantari homam. Sri Dhanvantari is considered to be the lord of Medicine and Health. Dhanvantari Homam or Puja is dedicated to the Lord Dhanvantari Moorthy who is believed to be the incarnation of Lord Vishnu

How is the Dhanavantari homam done

Lord Dhanvantari Homam is very beneficial one among any other homam since it is accepted to be the best solution for getting relief from any sorts of severe health problems to lead a long and healthy life

Dhanvantari Homam is done to pray and get blessing from Sri Dhanvantari the divine doctor. Performing this homam is powerful solution for any kind of incurable disease. This homam is highly recommended for those people who are having frequent health issues and severe incurable medical problem. It is also recommended that performing Dhanvantari Homam atleast once in a year to resolve all health related issues, frequent medical problems and to avoid health problems in future to live a long healthy life

Ideal Days to Perform this Homam The most preferable day to perform this homam is on Ekadashi which is considered to be the most auspicious day for Lord Vishnu.

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Mr.vaideeshwaran called up stating that his wife is having a surgery. So he wanted us to perform homam. We did dhanvantari Homam for the appendix operation. She recovered from the surgery very fast.

Our client rajagopalan was paralyzed and was unable to walk and sleep peacefully. After doing Pooja and mini homam for 60 days he improved a lot and he started to recover

JayaKalyani{name changed}- My father was admitted in Appollo chennai with sudden heart attack and immediate heart surgery. Aadhesh priests did dhanvantari and ayush homam. His first surgery was successful and his recovery was fast. so the doctor did the second surgery. and I subscribed for another homam for his fast recovery. My father's recovery was very fast and Doctors themselves were amazed.

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