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Swayamvara Parvathi Homam

Importance: Lot of people are involved in in Hindi marriage process and also in finalising the marriage process.


Swayamvara parvathi homam important homam which is to be performed for the men of women when there is an implement or obstacle in the marriage. Also so we check the horoscope to see if there is a dosa in the marriage and accordingly we select the devathas to clear the marriage process

How do we do it

The family karma personal karma and the lineage karma gets involved when the marriage process are the marriage vortex opens up if it is positive then the marriage process is becomes very easy. The link sync and coincidence in finalizing the process becomes very easy.

When the karma is very negative the starting process of sharing the horoscope for matching the horoscope becomes very difficult for instance in any family where there is a negative marriage karma usually wrong astrologer comes in and he simply says the matching is not right so the marriage process does not move into the next step now when we do the swayamvara parvathi homam the first thing that happens is the right guidance.

Clarity is an important issue in the marriage process many people both men and women will have difficulty in deciding what type of spouse they want this also gets cleared when we do the swayamvara parvathi homam.

Finally who will initiate the process is it the parents or outsiders who will help in closing the alliances all this integrity of the marriage process will arise as a solution and guidance when the swayamvara parvathi homam is performed.

How aadesh homam is different from temple ritual and other priest

1) All the priest in the aadesh aashram will chant this is done or emphasized so that the client will receive maximum flow of energy and the benefit which arises due to the chanting of the mantra.

2) The most important salient feature of our home which is performed in aadesh ashramam is using the name of the person for whom the homam is done or the karta.

3) The first important thing that differentiates homam that is performed in aadesh and others is the Gayatri mantra in the mantra we will use the name of the person for whom the ritual is performed. If the person's name is Mukesh then the mantra will go like this

Om mahadevaya vidmahe Mukesh seekeramaeva baariya akarshanaya theemahi thanno gowri prachodayat

We offer 108 ahuthis in the homam there is no compromise in the chanting ,materials or number of ahuthis which are offered. we follow the methods as prescribed in the agamas and Vedas.

success in any ritual will happen only when we align the puja or homam with the time. so IN AADHESH ASHRAM ALL THE HOMAM RITUAL WILL BE STARTED IN THE RIGHT MUHURTHA TO HAVE MAXIMUM IMPACT

There is a flexibility in the place where you can do the homam. It can be performed in your place or in aadhesh or ashramam in Chennai if you are living away from Chennai then you can watch this entire ritual in WhatsApp or Skype. if you are living in another country like ok USA Canada New Zealand then we fix the timing as per the Chennai zone and then you can watch the entire ritual Indus Skype or WhatsApp for some people the events in the recorded video of the pooja and the homam as it is performed.

If you are living within India then it is easy to send the prasadam. If you are living outside India like USA Canada New Zealand or any other countries there is a logistic problem of sending you the prasad as many courier companies don't enter time the flower vibhuti and kumkum.

We don't charge extra apart from the service charges what is being put in the website usually the priest from the temple or outside priest will ask you to keep money in between the process of pooja and homam we never believe in that because we have to be open correct and truthful to the client for the success of the swayamvara parvathi homam.

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