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Remuhurtha Ritual- Pooja & Homam

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What Is Remuhurtha Ritual?

Remuhurtha Pooja and homam is done when the situation had to be changed from negative to positive using time and planetary Positions.

When To Do It?

Business- when you want to improve your sales, when you want to reduce the bad debts and increase the Profits.

Health- when there is lot of health issue trigger leading to extreme hospitalisation and in some cases death.

Relationship Problems-when there is constant fichting in the house between the couples r between the family members

Trigger GrowthFor some people events are connected with growth. With the remuhurtha remarriage the good time will be retriggered

Assets Selling will help in selling of the land or house

Events-When you want To trigger Events like marriage and conception

Product Or Service launch-remuhurtha puja and homam can be done repeatedly for a launch of a service or a product or a business for establishing.

like vastu and Feng Shui order this puja and homam can be done early for the betterment of personal life as well as the business

What We will do in This Ritual?

  • The Homam will take two and half hours
  • The devatas will be decided depending upon the situation. If it is a product launch then it will be ganapathi, mahavishnu and mahalakshmi.
  • The process will be starting with Lagu Punyavacahanam
  • sankalpam followed by 108 namavalli ashtotara pooja.
  • Next will be homam with 108 times chanting of gayatri of the devata
  • purnaahuthi and finally the blessings.

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    +91 89256 62492

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