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Udyoga abiviruthi homam


What is Udyog abhivritti homam

this is a specific homam which is done based on the horoscope. IN the horoscope the planetary combinations are checked and from all the planets that 10th lord is taken and the respective puja and homam is done. For some people if they are going to take a very big projects or major jump in the work then the homam and the pooja has to be repeated in some cases we may have occasional homam followed by the Nithya udyoga abhivritti puja

Growth in work or career is important for everyone. Many strive for that. With rituals the flow of energy will be much higher and this will help you to grow very fast the right alignment of people Link, sync and coincidence opens up.

What happens when you do udyoga viruthi homam

There will be clarity in the area of work

the relationship with colleagues and the bosses will improve

New opportunities will open up

All the obstacles difficulties will slowly move away and the situation will always be favourable to you.

will be able to hold the challenges and successfully finish all the challenges with ease

How is our homam is different from the homam done in the temples or by other priest

In aadesh ritual centre all the priest will do the chanting only with the chanting then we huge inflow of miracle energy on so as per the Vedas it is very important for the Brahmin priest to chant the Gayatri every devata hundred and eight ahuthis will be offered in the homam Multiple devatas will be used and so the total number of ahuthis will be somewhere close to 800-1000.

there is a flexibility of the place where you are going to do the homam. Either it can be done at your place of residence or it can be done in our aadesh ritual centre. you can either come for the ritual or if you are staying away from Chennai in some other state or country like USA UK Nigeria Tanzania you can watch the entire homam ritual through WhatsApp or Skype. in this manner we have been doing 30 to 50 homam every month and the majority of the clients reside away from Chennai and India

USP of Aadhesh

Can organise Pooja and homam within one hour

Organise rudram within one hour and executed within 8 hours

Our Vision

Execution of order

Retention if cluents

Anytime clients can do the Pooja

No reusing of the materials

Pooja done as told in the Vedas

No running around

One stop solution for your ritual needs


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