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Vidhya Viruthi Homam

Importance:Most part of the life is spend in school and on education. So if we don’t choose the right path in the education or finish the education then we tend to have difficulty in work or growth in life. For some the teachers, friends and school becomes the place of growth rather than the education itself

What happens when you do the ritual.

  • When you do the ritual, the mind will get cleared.
  • You will get the right teacher or guidance to help you.
  • The place to sit and study and time for studying will get set.
  • concentration, understanding and memory will increase
  • Finally, you will be able to finish the exams with great ease.
  • Which ritual is potent in enhancing the education?

    The pada pooja is potent one as it can twist the situation and circumstances that are against you in studying or finishing the exams towards your favour. To get fantastic and fast result , one should do pada pooja for teachers on the janma nakshtra day. We should invoke Goddess Saraswathi for this pada pooja.

    We take individual sankalpa for each person with their gotra , nakshatra and rasi with the purpose of Pooja for e.g., to give strength against negative situations.

    Next is the Saraswathi homam or medha suktha homam. At times we also take the horoscope into cognisance and decide the planets. When it is done on the janme nakshatra day or before the important exams, certainly you can see the change in the score or the marks.

    Homam is our speciality where we tell the names of the clients

    The cost is lesser than the temple and organised in the better way. with temples closed it is better way to celebrate ramanavami pooja

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    Can organise Pooja and homam within one hour

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