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Ayush Homam

Importance: This home is usually performed on the birth nakshatra or the janma nakshatra in the Janma month.


It can be also performed when there is a serious sickness or health issues or when there is a bad planetary combination which can trigger health problems

What are the devathas that are used in ayush homam. The devatha which will be used in the ritual are dhanvantari maha mrityunjaya vaithiyalakshmi Murugan anjaneya navagraha and vinayagar.

How we are different from other priest and temple

1) All the priest will chant

2) For each devatha pooja will be done and 108 ahuthis will be offered in the homam

3) The Gayatri which is used in the home will have the name of the karts for whom the ritual is performed. If the AYUSH HOMAm is done for a person named Vimal the chanting will go on like this

5) It will go like this

ohm aathi vaithayaya vidhmahae Vimal or name of the person rogam nasaya nasaya aayul viruthaya viruthaya theemahi thaano dhanvantari prachodayat

A total of 800 ahuthis will be done

In aadesh the homam can be performed in your home or if your in outside country or state you can watch the home life through WhatsApp or Skype. We also send the the video clippings of the homam while it is performed itself

Finally the prasadam can be couriered to any place within India outside India it is not possible because of logistic reasons

USP of Aadhesh

Can organise Pooja and homam within one hour

Organise rudram within one hour and executed within 8 hours

Our Vision

Execution of order

Retention if cluents

Anytime clients can do the Pooja

No reusing of the materials

Pooja done as told in the Vedas

No running around

One stop solution for your ritual needs


Whatever money you give partially we do the dhana for the following issues



Scarf medicine

Water for school children