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Importance:Punyavachanam is a particular ceremony performed at every festival. Many individuals have forgotten how to do this ceremony correctly and the processes for performing this ritual. In Aadhesh, we perform this ritual on a daily basis, and we have witnessed Massive and Deep benefits as an outcome. Doing this Ritual Cleans your House, 7 Chakras, 5 Auras, and many other factors...

What are the Benefits of this Ritual :

1) To Purify the Space

2) To remove and clean energy blocks in any location.

3) To Clear the Energy Astrally.

4) To clear the energy of the house

5) To cleanse your 7 Chakras and 5 Auras and raise your Kundalini.

When to do Punyavachanam ?

1) Punyavachanam can be performed after the birth of a child.

2) Before doing any Ritual or Pooja at home.

3) To remove the energy from an unused location.

4) To free up energy in stages and phases in preparation for construction.

Why should you do this ritual with Aadhesh

We do Rituals in Tailored method, where it is done in Personalised Muhurtha.

You can Choose the Vadiyars and other options online, you can pay us online and you also have the Facility where you can have your Gruhapravesam done online where vadiyars come online and you can have your pooja done through video call.

In our Aadhesh we do this ritual with utmost Bhakti and Devotion where all our Vadyars will chant during this Ritual.

USP of Aadhesh

Can organise Pooja and homam within one hour

Organise rudram within one hour and executed within 8 hours

Our Vision

Execution of order

Retention if cluents

Anytime clients can do the Pooja

No reusing of the materials

Pooja done as told in the Vedas

No running around

One stop solution for your ritual needs


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