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Thila Homam

Importance:Honoring Ancestors is part of the Hindu Tradition as we all believe that we are connected with our ANcestors


Honouring Ancestors is a part of the human life. It has been modified as Ancestral worship in the civilisation. It has been thought that the dead ancestors were the medium between the living and gods. We are all connected with our ancestors. So africans have separate prayers for having children because they believe that the souls come down very fast for the continuum of the lineage. It is said that if we have misfortunes, illness, mental problems, financial problems, childlessness or difficulty in conception and difficulty in getting married then we must do ancestral rituals or ancestors’ worship to ward all the negativity.
Many regions of china and Cambodia call the ancestral worship as veneration of dead. They will bring the ancestral sprits onto the humans and make them to eat and drink the sacrificial offerings. In India and in Hindu religion. there are kriyas and fire rituals for honouring ancestors. Garuda Puranas State that there are 28 hells. It is believed that as the living person of our ancestors it is important to release them from the hell and help them to merge with the divine light. This is done in the form of tarpana, shaardh and finally thila homam.

Why hila homam is done?- Most importantly thila homam is done for a sole reason that when a person dies and the proper rights are not done the soul gets stuck in the vaitrani river ( astral chasm from Earth to moon). And if they are stuck, these souls will have all humanly feelings like thirst and hunger. they tend to disturb the mental body, emotinally and physical body of the other living family members of the lineage. In such cases when proper karma rituals are not done and the souls take time to merge the divine light. In that case we will have to do thila homam

How do we do thila homam?

We do thila homam using 8 priests in which all 8 priests will be doing the homam We will be doing close to 4 hours of homam and the ahurthy count will be close to 7000. We will do for the moksha of 3 generations from the senior male member alive in the family

Father Grandfather Great grandfather Mother Grandmother Great grandmother

We also will do homam for all the ancestors for the 28 hells in our shastra so that they will get moksha across these hells

The homam done in other places don't use the specific person's name.but our agama style use the family person's name for each and every ahurthi

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