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Celebrate Guru Purnima

Get Saibaba of shirdi blessings by doing pooja, homam and abhisekam on guru purnima. Guru purnima is the day where we paray to get the Blessings of the guru and teachers.

Why Should We do The Pooja?
The Pooja will bring in lot of divine energy. As the sankalpa is taken one gets the direct conncetion with God. This sankalpa is our request what we ask from God and Guru. As the abhisekam is done , the energy body will get cleared. when the ashtotara pooja is done, the petals of the chakra will open and the divine light will start to flow.


Guru purnima Mini Homam- INR.550 {one Priest with All pooja materials}

  • This package will start with easy punyavachanam
  • sankalpam will be followed by abhisekam with 7 dravyas and 108 namavalli ashtotara pooja.
  • One Priest will do Homam for 12 ahurties
  • purnaahuthi and finally the blessings.
  • You can watch the entire pooja live in any video format

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    Guru purnima Abhisekam & Archanai- INR. 251{One Priest with all pooja materials}

  • The ritual will start with ganapathy mantra followed by sankalp
  • abhisekam will be performed with seven draviyas
  • Then soodasa ubachara will be done
  • This will be followed by 108 namavalli ashtotara pooja.
  • Doopa, deepa,naivedhya and aarthi will be done
  • finally will be the blessings
  • You can watch the entire Abhisekam live in any video format
  • I was happy when you organised my karadayan nombu homam with abhisekam at such short notice. i could celebrate the festival in a proper manner. Thank you aadhesh. you have helped me to celebrate the festival in my busy working schedule---- Romila

    USP of Aadhesh

    Can organise Pooja and homam within one hour

    Organise rudram within one hour and executed within 8 hours

    Our Vision

    Execution of order

    Retention if cluents

    Anytime clients can do the Pooja

    No reusing of the materials

    Pooja done as told in the Vedas

    No running around

    One stop solution for your ritual needs


    Whatever money you give partially we do the dhana for the following issues



    Scarf medicine

    Water for school children