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Corona Virus Protection Pooja

Protect your loved ones with protection pooja to combat corona virus. The Pooja will include pooja, homam and abhisekam for Lord Narasimha and Lord Dhanvantari Daily for 21 Days click for pooja

Success Stories for Aadhesh

Homa was very beautiful. It was strange for me to hear all of you repeating my name all the time. I have never had a personal homa. It was very touching. Someone just cared about me. I also realized how I don't believe it at first. I realized that I closed my heart to it. Fear not to hurt me again. This awareness opened it again. Many deities danced in the fire. It was very beautiful. I felt that a lot of things were being released from all bodies. I feel that since you have been doing pooja for me every day, I feel much more peaceful and joyful. More relaxed. Thank you all more success stories

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