Homam-Pooja in Lakshmi Narayana Temple

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Thai Amavasai

It is believed that this day the God of Death Yama grants permission for the souls of the departed ancestors to visit the planet earth. The traditional belief is that these ancestors who arrive on this day will be brought to earth on the carriage of the Sun God, escorted by the messengers/servants of God Yama. The traditional belief is that these ancestors are extremely eager to visit and see their true heirs and relatives and bless them! So it is very much recommended for everyone to perform pirthru drama and tarpanam on the day of Thai amavasai!


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Homam - Pooja In Our Temple

Lakshmi Narayana temple in Kodambakkam is owned by the aadhesh ashram trust. This is a Private temple where all types of vedic pooja, homam, parayanas are done....Temple Details

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